AKAL, having entered its adventure in the textile sector as a family enterprise in Istanbul, in 1978; has gained reputation with its business ethics and credibility.

AKAL started up as a family enterprise in Istanbul, in 1978 and entered its adventure in the textile sector. During its business life, it gained a respectable position with business ethics and credibility. In 1993, it made a major breakthrough with its large-scale production investments, today reaching tens of thousands of consumers at an international level.

AKAL, recognized as one of the pioneering companies to manufacture products with grouped and matching products in the field of textile accessories; has been working as a producer of many brands, including the biggest sports clubs in Turkey and some of the world’s famous fashion giants.

KITTI logo was introduced in 1998. brand was held on the demands for the registration in 2003.Kitti name delivered from ‘kitty’ in English, as a brand name for girls and boys won the admiration and affection of customers in exported countries.

AKAL always introduces and monitors innovative policies regarding its brands. It aims to preserve and maximize its position in the domestic and foreign markets where competition is high, by determining strategies that target to create an advantage of differentiation.

In order to gain popularity on a global scale and to reinforce distribution channels, the company constantly renews its product range, creating collections of a variety of accessories that shape fashion.

It increases brand perception with new products of aesthetic, functional, ergonomic and design superiority for needs of the consumer and contributes to the country’s economy with its global brands.